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Liz Loza, THE FANTASY FOOTBALL GIRL, is demonstrably the most followed, discussed, and respected independent female fantasy analyst in the blogosphere. For over four seasons she has fostered a vast and diverse community of fans with her spirited wit and expertise. Chicago-born and L.A. based, she’s an aspirational public figure who exudes a “girl next door” charm. As a well respected expert, Liz has proven herself with both men and the growing number of female fantasy players.
A triple-threat, Liz has conquered – and continues to redefine – the three major spheres of new media: video, radio, and the written word. Her extensive experience on screen, on air, and in print has earned her an exploding fan base, as well as recognition from prominent industry professionals. As a result, she has appeared on radio shows nationwide, guest blogged for numerous websites, and was one of only three outlets to receive access to the NFL Pro Hollywood Bootcamp this past spring.
Whether producing and starring in her own weekly content or guest hosting for various media outlets, Liz’s passion for the game and inexhaustible energy continually allow for new and exciting ventures. This constant evolution of product keeps her viewers engaged and captivated. With no plans to slow down, The Fantasy Football Girl is absolutely about to “WIN BIG.”

Twitter: @TheFFGirl
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