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Football Player Radar: Dylan Reede (WR) Free Agent
Football Player Radar: Dylan Reede (WR) Free Agent
Sonny Black | 08/27/19 | 12:12 PM EDT 0 Comments
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In our "Football Player Radar" Series we highlight promising players that are flying below the radar.  

Dylan Reede is an impressive football player from Europe who played WR for the Amsterdam Crusaders.

In the 2018-19 Season, Dylan had 64 Receptions for 974 yards with 16 TDs at 15.21 avg. yards per catch. Dylan has had positive U.S. football exposure by being nominated a 2x Boise State Football Camp MVP (1st ever for non-U.S. player) and received a football offer from Purdue University (First player straight from Europe).

In Europe, Dylan is a 6x National Champion, 1x European Champion and All-National Team (U12 – U21).

Q&A with Dylan Reede

Q: What is the fondest memory of your college career and/or pro career? 

This was the moment I first became MVP at the Boise State Camp. At the age of 15 competing to me "Unknown" older players who later will be first round draft picks and beating them for the MVP Title. Thats still an amazing feeling to this day. A moment I can be proud on and shows that I can compete on their level. 

Q: What was your best game in college or pro? 

My best game stats wise was the final game of the 2018-2019 season where I ended up having 10 Catches for 128 yards and 2 TD's. Overal its the 2018 play off game where I helped my QB and running back both go over 150 yards running by setting up physical & key blocks. 

Q: What was your favorite NFL team growing up? 

My favorite NFL team growing up is the Green Bay Packers. 

Q: Who was your favorite NFL player? 

Jordy Nelson, No doubt. Physical, unlimited stamina, great hands and always open. When I grew up I always wanted to be like him and I still always try to play like him on the field. I spend many hours watching film of him. 

Q: Which current NFL player most resembles you? 

Adam Thielen! The story, his mentality and game style. I love it. Coaches used to call me 7/11 all the time but now its European Thielen. I really like the way he plays. He might not be the fastest or strongest but he plays like the best on the field and always goes all out for catches. I would really like to meet him some day. 

Q: What would your former teammates say about you? 

Physical, Leader, disciplined. 

"Always on time, first on the field, last off the field. Leader on and off the field. Mentoring young guys and really, really physical in all drills. You'll never see Dylan take a day off or take a half rep. This guy is the ideal Football athlete coaches are looking for. His mentality and high football IQ really brought him where he is and will be in his career." - Former teammate Amsterdam Crusaders 

Q: What are you presently doing as far as training? 

Now we're really working in the "Offseason" grind. 5Am's are standard. There are 24 hours in a day but I wish I could get 48. My trainers and I are really pushing me to be in the best shape of my life. A lot of weight lifting, Yoga, Field work and af course rest. At this point in my life everything is about Football like it never was before. I'm more dedicated and focussed luckily I have a great set of people around me slowing me down if necessary but they all know what my dream is and we all know what needs to get done for that one. 

Q: What is your favorite Combine drill? 


Q: What do you need to do to take your football career to the next level? 

I'm really focussing on growing more into my body. I'm 6.2/210 and I lift like it but now it really should look like 6.2/210. Also I wanting to still get faster, stronger & better as a WR. 
What would be your pitch to NFL scouts? 

If your looking to bring in a guy who can catch, block & make plays I'm the guy... I know you can't sign Adam Thielen, Jordy Nelson & Julian Edelman all in one but you can sign a mix of the 3 of them. I will be hardworking, dedicated and never ever take a half rep. A smart, physical WR who can also make plays as a Special Teamer. 

Q: What do you want to do besides football? 

I'm already an entrepreneur but I would really like to expand my skills and life with some more business or being involved in business. I've always focussed on life after Football and being ready for that. Thats why I recently got my MBA Masterclass in Data Marketing. I would really like to learn more about Business Development and Sports Management. If I don't make it as an player to the NFL or CFL I would really want to work for them that's why I started reaching out to multiple pro soccer clubs here to see if they need somebody for their marketing so I can start getting experience in the professional sports world. 

Q: What do you like to do for fun? 

I really like to travel and see a lot of the world. I also like a good dinner or evening with friends and family. Those who are close to me are very important to me. I love to ski so we as a family always try to seek a week in the Alps or Norway every year. 

Q: If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Adam Thielen, Steve Jobs and my dad. Those are three people who inspire me and motivate me doing things in life. Football wise, Business wise and Mentality wise. People I learn from every day and I think with these three people on the table it could get really interesting. 

For more on Dylan, check out his Agency Bio.
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