Football Player Radar: Brendon Felder (WR) Free Agent
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In our "Football Player Radar" Series we highlight promising football players that are flying below the radar.  

Brendon had a promising collegiate football career for Winston Salem and University of Pittsburgh playing a range of positions including WR, KR, PR, RB and DB. 

Brendon was invited to the 2015 NFL rookie mini-camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brendon also participated in the 2018 Spring League Showcase. 

Q&A with Brendon Felder

Q: What is the foundest memory of your college career? 

The friendship and teammates I gained for a lifetime. 

Q: What was your best game in college? 

Livingstone - 240 All Purpose yards 2 Rec TDS 1 Kr TD 

Q: What was your favorite NFL Team growing up? 

New England Patriots 

Q: Who was you favorite player? 

Deion Sanders 

Q: Which current NFL player most resembles you? 

Keenan Allen 

Q: What would your former teammates say about you? 

That I’m outgoing when you get to know me. 

Q: What presently are you doing as far as training? 

Sprinting, Endurance, and resistance Training. As well as just playing football, catching the ball, running routes etc.

Q: What is your favorite combine drill? 


Q: Why do you believe you have been flying below the radar as a football player? 

Just the way my journey transpired, I had a different football coaching staff every year I been in college. When I got to Steelers Mini Camp I pulled my hamstring last day of rookie Mini Camp. I never had a opportunity to play comfortable and show people what I can do full tilt or even in games.

Q: What do you want to do besides football?

I want to Act

Q: What do you like to do for fun? 

Read, Relax, and be around friends.

Q: If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive who would they be and why? 

Jim Brown, Micheal Jordan, Aristotle 

Follow Brendon on Twitter: @bfel_2
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