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Football Player Radar: Thomas Land (FB) Free Agent
Football Player Radar: Thomas Land (FB) Free Agent
Sonny Black | 07/12/17 | 4:48 PM EDT 0 Comments
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In our "Football Player Radar" Series we highlight promising football players that are flying below the radar.

Thomas Land is a talented football player that plays multiple positions including FB, LB and LS.
Thomas played semi-pro football for the Tomball Bobcats with some impressive stats  

2014-2015 Tomball Bobcats – 72 Tackles with 13.5 Tackles for a Loss; 3 Sacks; 2 Interception and 1 Forced Fumble  


Q: What is the fondest memory of your college career and/or semi-pro?

My fondest memory is my 1st interception. Everything negative I thought about myself, everything negative other people told me. That moment made me realize that I could do anything I put my mind and heart into. 

Q: Who was the toughest competitor you faced in college and/or semi-pro?

Woodland Warriors and their run game.

Q: What was your best game in college or semi-pro football?

It’s a tie between the crusaders at home and the warriors at home. With the Crusaders I was playing sideline to sideline and ended the game with 14 tackles. Warriors game was my most aggressive game mentally. 7 tackles and my first interception. 

Q: What was your favorite NFL team growing up?

Seattle Seahawks

Q: Who was your favorite player?

Marshawn Lynch

Q: Which current NFL player most resembles you?

James Ihedigbo, NFL free agent. Last season he played for the buffalo bills. He has been a big brother and mentor to me since I met him at Nine Innovations. His story is similar because he was a walk on in college and undrafted into the NFL. His road is similar to mine and a big inspiration to me.

Q: What would your former teammates say about you?

Hard working, dependable, silent, funny, and gym head.

Q: What are you presently doing as far as training?

Monday thru Thursday I currently do cardio and strength training at either Nine Innovations or Fitness Connection in the late morning early afternoon. In the evening I do ladder drills, cone drills, sprints, one on one coverage, and 7 on 7. Some Wednesdays I do pilates. Friday I run on the track and have various track workouts, or ladder and cones in a sand pit and run hills. Saturdays I also train at Nine Innovations for strength training and football drills.

Q: What is your favorite combine drill (40, Shuttle, 3-Cone, Bench, Broad, Vert)?

5-10-5 shuttle. I like the change in direction.

Q: Why do you believe you have been flying below the radar as a football player?

I wasn’t a top recruit coming out of high school. I didn’t play college football, and semi pro really gets no respect. But I believe I have the mental and physical requirements to be a professional. 

Q: What do you want to do besides football?

I currently coach high school football. I coach linebackers, o-line, and kick-off. But one of the biggest things I want to accomplish outside of football is becoming an EMT.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

Spend time with my wife, two daughters, and parents. We pretty much go everywhere together. All of us enjoy each other’s company.

Q: If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Tupac, LeBron James, and my grandfather ( Dad’s dad). Tupac for is knowledge on changing the culture of people to open their minds more. Be the best version of yourself no matter the situation. I would like to get is opinion on the expansion of the mind. Not to be focused on what you are given but what you can have personally and what you can bring to your community. LeBron James has been my favorite player of mine since I was in middle school. His character on and off the court has been great his whole career. I would want to know his mindset in being great. How to have the drive he has and the amount of focus he has. How to keep to without being burnt out. My grandfather was a great guy from the stories my dad and siblings have told me. He passed away about 5 years before I was born. My dad has been to every game and tryout of mine, and the best inspiration in my life. My dad gives credit to his dad in showing him how to be a good man and father. I wish I could have dinner with him just to feel his energy though his presence. To give him a handshake and hug for giving my dad his knowledge into being a man and father. These would be the 3 people I would have dinner with, all different reason, all gives me a drive mentally.
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