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The View from Vegas with Handicapping Veteran Jon Price
The View from Vegas with Handicapping Veteran Jon Price
Sonny Black | 05/20/17 | 3:08 PM EDT 0 Comments
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The New Vegas.

Las Vegas used to rely on the UNLV Running Rebels to fulfill their live sports needs. People were entertained in the sportsbooks and the area’s population mostly consisted of small business owners and hospitality workers. Todays Vegas is a new world that was financed by junk bonds on Wall Street.
The view today is that the city is overcoming serious obstacles and attracting major league sports teams despite the debacle that ensured following the NBA All Star Weekend back in 2007.
Two Las Vegas billionaires have been at the forefront of helping to grow Sin city’s sports culture. One is Sheldon Adelson the owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and The Venetian Hotel and Casino. The other is Billy Foley who has rolled the dice on getting another professional sports team re-located to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Foley succeeded with the Las Vegas Golden Knights the newest NHL expansion team, which he will be the sole owner of. They will start playing at the brand new T-Mobile Arena this fall. In the spring however they hope to announce the arrival of the Las Vegas Raiders from Oakland by way of Los Angeles, California.
NBA Commissioner has given his vote of confidence as well as Major League Baseball. The lesser talked about professional sport Major League Soccer also has a chance but with the extreme heat in the city that may be a tough one if there is no indoor playing field. This would grow them from 0 teams to 3.
Gambling on sports has been one of the biggest hurdles stopping a team from coming but the city has evolved and the population has grown. Oddsmakers at the casinos certainly want it, touts want it, and longtime legend and the most profitable sports bettor of all time Jon Price a sports bettor from Sports Information Traders who started out 80% in the Las Vegas Handicapping contest says: “Bringing professional sports teams to Las Vegas would be a huge benefit economically and socially to the city. It’s a city with world class restaurants and entertainment but the only missing component is live professional sports. In addition to the economic and social benefits is that this will help lead towards the long path for legalized sports betting and acceptance of gambling on sports as a social and fun activity that can also be profitable if you are working with the right sources.” Coming from Price this means a lot for the city and it’s a great opportunity that we hope doesn’t get screwed up.
The city will no longer be viewed as a deathtrap for a major league franchise team. It will no longer be seen as the desert where organized crime did their dirty work. The perception all changes with the arrival of major league teams. Thanks to Adam Silvers kind words in comparison to David Sterns (his predecessor) this has helped lead the way as he is the first commissioner who supports the idea of gambling and it’s well supported by his peers.
Silver supports this mostly because he understands. The view from Vegas is that legal wagering increases fan interest and the bottom line for the league as ratings go up not down with more viewers. Rob Manfred the current MLB commissioner has said that he’s for a MLB team where as Bud Selig stated he would never let a team into Sin City.
“Las Vegas could be a viable market for us,” Manfred said during a news conference in Phoenix. “I don’t think the presence of legalized gambling in Las Vegas should necessarily disqualify that market as a potential major league city. We are reexamining our stance on gambling.”

If Roger Goodell allows the Raiders in the all else will follow. It’s just odd that he allows fantasy sports like Fanduel and Draftkings and thinks that it’s okay when he grins at the idea of sports betting and Las Vegas being used in the same sentence around his league.
MGM Resorts and AEG opened the door with the T-Mobile arena which can also host an NBA team. It’s so well received that another arena is being targeted on the north end of the strip. On top of that Nevada lawmakers approved $750 million in tax revenue for another 65,000 seat stadium targeted at the Las Vegas, Raiders. Cashman Field at least will host an exhibition game for the defending World Series Champions the Chicago Cubs.
Goodell at a recent NFL owners meeting outside of Dallas, Texas recently said.

“There are some real strengths to the Las Vegas market,” Goodell said. “It’s clear the Las Vegas market has become more diversified and more broadly involved with entertainment and hosting big events. There is a growth to the market. You can see the trajectory and where it’s going when you look at the data.”

With a growing population of 2.1 million people, an airport that every city has a direct flight to, and endless possibilities the view of 3 professional sports teams ending up in Las Vegas has better odds now than ever. 
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