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Seahawks Make Worst Call Ever!
Seahawks Make Worst Call Ever!
Bob Whalon | 02/02/15 | 8:29 PM EST 0 Comments
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Super Bowl XLIX was the most watch television show in history.  The numbers at the end of the game were close to 121 million viewers.  That's a whole lot of people watching and all of them...ALL of them think that the Seattle Seahawks decision to throw the ball on second and goal from the goal line was the worst call in the history of sports.

By now you all know how that turned out.


Seattle tried to run a pick play to have quarterback Russell Wilson throw a slant, but rookie free agent Malcolm Butler read the play all the way and stepped in front of the pass to make the interception to win the Super Bowl for the cheating Patriots from New England.


Or maybe it's more accurate to say that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell lost the Super Bowl.  Yeah, let's go with that one instead.  It's much more accurate.


The Seahawks were trailing 28-24 with 26 seconds on the clock when those two geniuses tried to prove to the world that they are smarter than everybody else.  As always happens when people try to outsmart themselves, things ended badly.  And even saying that is an understatement since that unbelievable play-call lost the biggest game of the year.


I mean, the only two people on the planet who thought calling a pass play there was a good idea were Carroll and Bevell.  Social media nearly exploded with reactions.  All of them questioning the decision to throw it in that situation.  Heck, even Patriots fans, who would have accepted a car ride over a bridge from Ted Kennedy without a second thought, couldn't believe how stupid that call was by Seattle.  But in the end, those fans and the Patriots organization are extremely thankful.  Now, instead of the Super Bowl being all about Deflate-Gate, it's about the worst play-call ever.


If you don't think it was the worst play-call ever, I defy you to come up with anything even remotely close.  The reality is, you can't.  It really was that bad.


Seattle has a running back in Marshawn Lynch who is nicknamed "Beast Mode" for a reason.  He punishes would-be tacklers and grinds out the tough yards.  If ever a team had the perfect player for a situation like that, it's Seattle with Lynch.  On the previous play, Lynch rushed for 4 yards to get to within a few feet of the winning touchdown.  The Seahawks still had 26 seconds left in the game and one timeout left. 


The Patriots brought in their goal line defense, because they knew the Seahawks were going to hand the ball to their best offensive weapon and let him do what he does best.  Everybody in the stadium expected Lynch to get the ball.  All those millions of people around the world watching on TV were expecting Lynch to get the ball.  Heck, even the Seahawks players themselves expected Lynch to get the ball.  Only he didn't.  And now the Patriots got a gift Super Bowl victory and they didn't even have to cheat to get it.  Well, they didn't cheat on that play, as far as we know, but I'm sure New England head coach Bill Belichick was cheating somehow throughout the entire game.  It's what he does. 


Anyway, Carroll tried to defend the worst coaching decision ever, in any sport, but nobody was buying it.


"We sent in our personnel, they sent in their goal-line unit," Carroll said after the game.  "It was not the right matchup for us to run the football, so on second down we throw the ball to really waste that play.  If we score, we do, if we don't then we run it third and fourth down."


Even Pete Carroll's mom isn't buying that lame excuse.  


As a life-long fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, I am used to such head-scratching play-calls.  After 14 years of Any Reid refusing to ever run the damn football when he was the head coach of the Eagles, I know the pain that Seattle fans are going through.  Everybody knew that the Seahawks should have run the ball in that situation, but when they didn't, it's no surprise that it didn't work out.  Things are obvious for a reason and it was obvious that the Seahawks should have run the football in that situation.


Even the Seattle players couldn't believe how stupid their coach was.  "I don't believe it happened," receiver Doug Baldwin said.  "I still haven't figured it out yet.  I'm just trying to make up an explanation."


Forget it, Dougie.  There is no rational explanation for a play that just cost your team the Super Bowl.  There can't be an explanation for something so monumentally stupid. 


If offensive coordinator Bevell called the play, then Carroll, as the head coach, should have over-ruled him and called the run to Lynch.  Both took the blame for the call after the game, but Carroll has final say as the head coach.  Even if the Patriots stopped Lynch on second down, the Seahawks can still call timeout and have plenty of time for another play or two.  At that point, maybe there are only 15 second left on the clock, so a straight hand off to Lynch is a little more risky.  If Lynch gets stuffed on third down, then Seattle runs the risk of not being able to get off another play on fourth down.  But hey, it just so happens that the Seahawks have one of the bet running quarterbacks in the entire NFL.


If Lynch didn't punch the ball in on second and goal from the goal line, to give him 103 yards rushing for the game, then they could have called a play that is a staple of their offense; the read-option.  Line up Wilson in the shotgun with Lynch next to him and run that read-option.  If the defense keys on Lynch, as they should, Russell keeps the ball and runs for the endzone on his own.  If a defender is going to stop Russell, he simply throws the ball away with time for one more play.  Then on fourth down, they wouldn't get cute, or try to outsmart themselves, or anything else other than give the ball to their best player and let the chips fall where they may.


That scenario is what should have happened.  If Seattle doesn't score after doing the obvious, then you give the Patriots credit for being the better team and walk out knowing you did everything you could, but the other team was just better.  That isn't what happened.


What happened is that the Seahawks made the worst call ever and it cost them the biggest prize in sports.



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