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"Deflate-Gate" Isn't the Patriot's Fault
"Deflate-Gate" Isn't the Patriot's Fault
Bob Whalon | 01/28/15 | 1:22 AM EST 0 Comments
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The New England Patriots aren't to blame for "Deflate-Gate".  Head coach Bill Belichick isn't to blame either.  Don't look at Tom Brady.  And that New England locker room attendant the NFL has identified as a "person of interest"?  Forget about him.

None of those people should be held accountable for 11 of the 12 footballs that the Patriots used during the AFC Championship Game being illegal.  Why?  Because it's the NFL's fault.

Seriously.  I place the blame for this whole fiasco squarely at the feet of the National Football League.  I know that's hard to believe with how perfectly Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league have handled everything this season, but just hear me out.

I will admit that until this whole thing became the biggest story of the entire NFL season, I didn't know that each team supplies their own footballs for each game.  And that is why I am putting the blame on the NFL.

Of all the dumb rules the NFL has, this is easily the dumbest.  Why on Earth would the NFL allow each team to provide 12 of their own footballs for their offense to use each and every game?  It simply makes no sense.  As a matter of fact, the NFL only provides all of the footballs used during a game for one game every year; the Super Bowl.  Why is that?  Nobody seems to know.

In saying all this, I'm not totally absolving Belichick, Brady and the rest of those cheating scumbag Patriots.  That entire organization is corrupt from the owner all the way down to the ball boy (irony intended).  Getting caught, fined and losing draft picks for Spy-Gate provides all the proof any sane person needs to know that the Patriots don't play by the rules.  So why even give them the chance?  A rule like this is like putting a junkie in a room full of drugs and leaving him there alone for a weekend.  (Yes, I just compared Bill Belichick to a junkie.  That's not even close to the worst thing he's ever been called.)

Belichick and the Patriots are proven cheaters.  They just can't help themselves.  It doesn't even matter if deflating footballs helped the Patriots beat the Colts.  The fact that they did it, proves that at least they think it gave them an advantage.  And that's all you need to condemn New England.  I mean, it isn't a coincidence that they haven't won a damn thing since they got caught in Spy-Gate.  It's pretty easy to look like a genius when you know the other team's plays, right "Hoodie".  That also might taint an otherwise Hall of Fame career for a certain sixth round draft pick QB, too.  But that's another story for another time.

I have encountered many Patriots fans who mock anyone who dares to question their team.  At first it was indignation that the Colts were using the same footballs and it wasn't such an advantage for Andrew Luck, until that excuse was taken away by the facts.  Then they asked how under-inflated balls helped LaGarrette Blount score three rushing touchdowns, as if an under-inflated ball isn't easier to grip to prevent fumbles.  They asked how such a small drop in PSI would help Brady grip and throw the ball, as if they had never thrown a football in their entire lives.  It was pathetic, but I'm not surprised.  These are the same fans who idolize Manny Ramirez while calling A-Rod a cheater.  Yeah, I'm not even going to try to understand such faulty logic.  That would be wicked haaard.

Anyway, the Patriots cheated and will be playing in the Super Bowl, where they won't be able to doctor the balls to Brady's liking.  Will it matter?  Who knows.  What I do know is that Bill Belichick knows every damn thing that ever goes on with his football team, so there is no way he didn't know about those balls being deflated to Tom Brady's specific liking.  His press conferences on the subject were a joke.  Brady's denials were even worse.

I have seen every ex-quarterback turned commentator say that Tom Brady is lying.  Everyone from Trent Dilfer to Donovan McNabb to Mark Brunnell to Troy Aikman to Fran Tarkington said that Brady knew the balls weren't properly inflated.  They all said it was completely ridiculous for him to even try to say otherwise.  But he did say otherwise.  And here we are.

The Super Bowl is this weekend and all we're talking about is why footballs weren't inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 psi, as stated in the NFL rule book.  The blame for that goes to the NFL.  It won't be the first time they've made a mockery of the game and it won't be the last.

Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have the urge to check the psi in my car tires.  I wonder if that "person of interest" locker room attendant for the Patriots is available to help me out.  On second thought, I'm probably better off on my own.

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