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Take your fitness to another level with indoor bouldering
Take your fitness to another level with indoor bouldering
Sonny Black | 12/09/14 | 3:23 PM EST 0 Comments
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With new sports starting up all the time, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest developments and changes –and this can cause you to miss out on some awesome experiences you would try struggle to forget! One such sport that many of us would love to try, but might not even know that it exists, is bouldering. So, what exactly does indoor bouldering revolve around and what will you be doing?

Basically, it’s a form of rock climbing that is done without the use of a rope. Instead, you are undertaking very short climbs and underneath you is a crash pad, or a bouldering mat, to make any falls as comfortable as they possibly can be. Typically, artificial boulders are installed into the gym and you can enjoy a low height, low risk but extremely engaging sport that really will boost your fitness levels.

Indoor Rock Climbing is awesome

The reasons that make bouldering so popular is the freedom that it provides you with – there’s no harness and you’ll never be going high up enough to do yourself any serious damage if you do fall, so you have a lot of time to experiment and just have some fun.
Despite its added freedom, giving you more than the traditional fitness exercise might, it’s got very limited risks. It’s a unique rush and while it might not give you that life-or-death rush that some of us just need to enjoy ourselves, it’s more than enough to make sure that you can improve your fitness levels.

Improve your Fitness

The fitness levels required to do this are very high – it’s not something you could just become awesome at if your fitness regime is more virtual than real-life. With no harnesses and extra supports you are relying on your own physical strength and prowess to get the job done and nothing else – does this sound intimidating to you? It shouldn’t! It’s incredibly fun and massively rewarding to do.

The repetition within the actual exercises will make sure that you get plenty of workout time as well – you’re going roughly 20ft in the air on average, which takes a fair bit of power and endurance to carry yourself up so high without any support. It builds various muscular definitions but it does make sure that you get an almost unlimited number of different exercises and ideas that you can attempt. It’s far more fluid than other exercise regimes out there and it gives you so much opportunity to work on various parts of your body

It also requires creative thinking – it needs problem solving to get you from rock A to rock B, so it’s not just a boring and simple course up. You’ll need to think outside of the typical thinking and learn how to be a genuinely talented climber as you go. This challenge adds another layer of complexity to proceedings, giving you a hugely enjoyable and challenging way to get fit.

If you are looking for a new way to get in shape, then you should consider bouldering. 

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