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Donald Sterling Should Buy an NFL Franchise
Donald Sterling Should Buy an NFL Franchise
Bob Whalon | 09/25/14 | 8:03 PM EDT 0 Comments
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Disgraced former owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling should buy an NFL franchise.  I mean, he'd fit right in with that bunch.

Sterling was banned from the NBA for life and forced to sell his team after his mistress secretly recorded him using racial slurs.  While that is inexcusable behavior, it wouldn't even cause a ripple of concern in today's NFL.

After the Ray Rice videos went viral, the Baltimore Ravens released him and the NFL gave him an indefinite suspension.  Anyone who viewed the brutal nature of the video showing Rice knocking his then-fiancee unconscious with a left hook agreed that Rice needed to go away.  The problem is that everyone involved knew how bad it was before the second video came out and tried to cover it up.

Everybody is calling for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's head because it has become painfully obvious that he knew that Rice hit his wife and initially only suspended him for two games.  That was after the first video, showing Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee, now wife, out of the elevator and dropping her on the floor like a rag doll.  Now there appears to be proof that not only did Goodell and the NFL see the second tape back in February, but they tried to cover it up.

Then, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti tried to lie to everyone at a news conference, but his story just doesn't add up.  

The original Rice incident occurred on Feb. 15.  The team and the NFL knew instantly what happened and did nothing until the first video went viral.  That led to the initial 2-game ban.  The second video surfaced on Sept. 8 on TMZ.  That's when all hell broke loose and the Ravens and the NFL went into panic mode by cutting Rice loose to cover their butts.

ESPN reported that Biscotti, Ravens president Dick Cass and general manager Ozzie Newsome not only knew about the second video, but pushed Goodell and the league for leniency.  The report also said that Darren Sanders, the Ravens' director of security, was given a detailed description of what occurred in the elevator within hours of Rice's arrest.  The reason anyone knew exactly what happened in that elevator with only Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Rice inside, was that the Revel Hotel and Casino obviously had video cameras in there.  And someone in hotel security described what he saw on the video to Sanders.

So, the Ravens head of security knew there was a video, but didn't think to ask for it?  He must have told his bosses and they didn't want to see it?  They all talked to the NFL and Goodell and NFL security didn't ask for the video?  Yeah, right.

We already know that the NFL was given the video, according to an Associated Press story.  The obvious answer is that that video met the same fate as the New England Patriots "Spygate" videos.  They were destroyed so there would be no evidence.

Unfortunately for the NFL, someone (most likely a security guard) made a copy of the elevator videos and once Revel went bankrupt and closed, that anonymous someone didn't have to fear losing his job anymore.  Oh well.  So much for that cover-up plan, boys.

Now Biscotti, his front office, Goodell and the entire NFL looks bad.  They have been caught in a lie and their continued lies aren't fooling anyone.

The problem for the NFL is that it just keeps getting worse.  The imagines of Adrian Peterson's 4-year-old son with marks all over his body from the savage whipping Peterson put on him didn't even lead to a suspension for the star running back.  The league initially stated that they wanted to let the legal system take its course.  But under intense public pressure, the Vikings didn't play Peterson on the Sunday after the photos went public.

Minnesota decided that they too, needed to let the legal system decide Peterson's fate and reinstated their franchise player on the following Monday.  Once the media and the public went ballistic, the Vikings realized their mistake and suspended Peterson indefinitely.

The San Francisco 49ers continue to play DE Ray McDonald, even though he was charged with beating his fiancee.  More excuses about letting McDonald have his "due process" coming out of the bay area.  Really?

Carolina Panther Greg Hardy was actually convicted of beating his girlfriend in May, but the team and the NFL decided not to punish him while he appealed the verdict.  They were forced to reconsider that stance once the Rice and Peterson situations blew up.  He didn't play last Sunday, but he's back practicing with the team.

And then there is the fact that Peterson and now possibly Hardy will be placed on the exempt list, which means they can't play, but will still get paid as members of the NFL.  Oh and did I mention that only the commissioner can allow teams to place their players on the exempt list?  So the guy who got caught lying to cover up the Ray Rice fiasco is the one who makes a decision about a guy who beat his child and another who beat his girlfriend can continue to get paid by the NFL?

I take it back.  Donald Sterling shouldn't be in the NFL.  He's actually too good for them.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, just like the average NFL player and the team and league officials who cover up their heinous crimes, but names will never hurt you.  Right?

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