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Roger Goodell is Now Joe Paterno [VIDEO]
Roger Goodell is Now Joe Paterno [VIDEO]
Bob Whalon | 09/09/14 | 10:13 PM EDT 0 Comments
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With two huge football-related stories breaking on the same day, I realized that there is a parallel between the two stories.  No, I'm not talking about the football angle; I'm talking about the fact that Roger Goodell has become Joe Paterno.


On the same day that it was announced that the NCAA has dropped all sanctions against Penn State (except for the $60 million, of course), TMZ.com released the video from inside the elevator where ex-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked his then fiancee unconscious.

If you don't see the connection right away, just hang on.  

Paterno was immediately fired when it came to light that he either covered up or simply didn't do enough to bring the ugly Jerry Sandusky situation to the proper authorities immediately.  I'm not going down that road again, but we can all agree that when all hell broke loose with that story, Paterno was immediately dumped by the University.

Fast forward to now and I say that Roger Goodell should be fired immediately because he did the same exact thing that Paterno did.  Goodell either covered up or didn't do enough in this Rice mess.

Goodell and the NFL initially suspended Rice for two games.  Then, when the public outcry became justifiably intense, Goodell quickly decided that the league would suspend players in similar situations for 6 games.  He was just trying to placate the fans and the media after the fact, but that didn't affect Rice, since King Roger had already ruled from his throne.  To make matters worse, the entire Ravens organization supported Rice and gave glowing tributes to his high character.  That lasted until Monday.

When that horrific video emerged showing Rice punch Janay (Parker) Rice twice and knocking her out cold, there was nowhere left for the Ravens organization or the NFL to hide.  The Ravens terminated Rice's contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  My question is, what took so long?

Goodell and everyone in the Ravens organization claim that they never saw the video from inside the elevator.  They claim they only saw the tape showing Rice dragging Janay's lifeless body out of the elevator and dropping her on the ground like an equipment bag filled with dirty socks.  To that I say, how did they think she became unconscious in the first place?  Did they think she slipped and hit her head?  If so, was there a pending lawsuit against the Revel Casino and their cleaning staff?  I'm only poking fun because it's a joke how poorly the NFL and the Ravens acted in the aftermath of Rice's despicable act.

Let me just say that I don't believe for a second that the NFL and Goodell didn't see that video.  As a matter of fact, employees from Revel claim that someone with an affiliation to the NFL did, in fact, view the video.  I suppose there is a chance that Ravens owner Steve Biscotti, team president Dick Cass, general manager Ozzie Newsome and head coach John Harbaugh didn't see the video, but that doesn't get them off the hook.  If they didn't then they simply didn't want to know the truth and that's just as bad as any possible cover up.  I think all of them should be fired immediately and Biscotti should be forced to sell the team.  Hey if the NBA can force an owner to sell his team for saying something stupid, shouldn't the NFL be able to force Biscotti to sell for protecting a low-life like Ray Rice?  It's all about the league's image right?

Just kidding.  We all know it's all about the money and the only reason Rice isn't still on the Ravens is that his continued presence in the NFL is bad for business.

But back to my Goodell - Paterno comparison.  

Goodell knew about that video.  He had to know.  There is no possible way Goodell and the NFL didn't know about that video until now.  The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business.  Are you going to tell me their entire investigation of the incident involved simply talking to Rice and his personal punching bag and that's it?  They didn't investigate whether or not there was a camera inside the elevator?  I mean, any upscale hotel has cameras everywhere, especially one attached to a casino.  Any idiot would know that and nobody running the NFL is an idiot.

I have no doubt that the NFL saw that video and tried to keep it from the public, just like they did with the Bill Belichick Spygate videos.  

That theory is supported by a couple of highly respected national reporters who cover the NFL.  Both Peter King from Sports Illustrated and Chris Mortensen from ESPN previously reported that the NFL had seen the video.  Mortensen even described details like Janay's head bouncing off the handrail on the way to the floor in the elevator after Rice knocked her over with a vicious left hook.  Now both are strangely quiet on the subject.  Or not so strangely.

Guys like King and Mortensen are nothing but a part of the PR machine that is the NFL.  Those two lap-dogs get their stories from "inside sources" because they regularly protect the image of the NFL and the players.  And the reason a more reputable news organization didn't release the video is because only sites like TMZ are willing to pay.  While that normally brings their credibility into question, in this case, it's just a matter of TMZ not being in bed with the NFL, like the networks who pay the NFL billions to broadcast their games.

It should also be noted that the reason this video wasn't released until now is that the Revel casino just recently closed.  Obviously a security guard made himself a copy of that tape and now that the casino is closed and he can't be fired, he figured he'd make a few bucks by selling the video to the highest bidder.  Hey maybe he should apply for a job with NFL security.  He'd fit right in.  

Even if you assume Goodell didn't see the latest video showing the actual assault, he's just as guilty as Paterno, who, remember; never saw the actual Sandusky assault.  That would mean that Goodell "didn't do enough", just like Paterno.  

Paterno was immediately fired.  Goodell should be immediately fired.

Anything else short of Goodell's firing is pure hypocrisy.  But, of course, I don't expect Goodell to be fired or even resign on his own.  Why?  Because he makes the NFL owners a ton of money and ultimately those owners really like all that money. 
It's sad that there won't be as much outrage over this incident from the media, simply because it is not in their best interests to upset the NFL, or the Goose that laid the golden egg.  There should be, though.  Anyone who says that the Sandusky incident is worse because it involved helpless children should consider the size difference between a professional athlete and a normal sized woman.  It's roughly the same difference between an averaged sized man and a child.  Both victims are completely helpless in their respective situation.  Both are reprehensible acts committed by evil individuals.  And both acts were either covered up or not fully investigated by the men in charge of the institutions who employed those evil men.

Joe Paterno paid for his missteps with his job.  Roger Goodell should do the same, because both men were guilty of the same exact "crime".

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