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Soccer Will Never Become Relevant in America
Soccer Will Never Become Relevant in America
Bob Whalon | 08/04/14 | 9:14 PM EDT 0 Comments
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I am so sick of all these ridiculous soccer fans telling me how popular soccer is and how it will take over America.

How about no, dumbass?

I've been hearing this crap for decades and it never happens.  Soccer will never become relevant in America.  Ever.  You know why?  Because soccer is boring.  Well, that and anything where you aren't allowed to use your arms or hands can't, by definition, be called a sport.  But that's a rant for another day.  And the flopping.  All that pathetic flopping.  Sorry, getting off track......

The only reason soccer is so popular in other countries is because they don't have anything better to watch like we do here in America.  The National Football League is king in America and it always will be.  Want proof?  How about this?

Two Italian soccer teams played a friendly, or a chummy, or BFF, or whatever it's called, at the home of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field, over the weekend.  That Saturday game between AS Roma and Inter Milan was a real barn-burner by soccer standards, as two whole goals were scored.  The game drew 12,169 fans.  Then on Sunday, the Eagles held a practice at the same stadium and over 25,000 people showed up.

To recap: Twice as many people showed up to watch a team practice football than showed up to watch an actual "game" of soccer.

Will all you soccer people please crawl back into your hole and shut up now?  At least go away for the next 4 years, until the World Cup rolls around again and you start spouting the same nonsense once again.  It's the same thing every four years.  Well, for a few weeks until soccer fades back into oblivion, where it belongs in this great country.  

Somebody cue the Talking Heads........"Same as it ever was.  Same as it ever was."

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