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Tony Dungy Was Right About Liberal Media
Tony Dungy Was Right About Liberal Media
Bob Whalon | 07/23/14 | 9:35 PM EDT 0 Comments
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Sometimes, the Liberal media doesn't realize just how stupid they are.  This is one of those times.

I find it highly amusing that while the Liberal media has been complaining nonstop since Monday about Tony Dungy's comments regarding Michael Sam, they are actually proving his point.


Every local and national media outlet on TV, radio and in print have been in full PC Police mode since Dungy had the gall to state the obvious.  

The former Super Bowl-winning coach and current NBC analyst told the Tampa Bay Tribune that, "I wouldn't have taken him.  Not because I don't believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn't want to deal with all of it.  It's not going to go smooth...things will happen."

Those things that will happen are already taking place because of the Left-Wing Liberals who dominate the media.  They have taken an honest quote by somebody who knows more about the inner workings of the NFL than all of them combined and turned it into a circus.  As usual.

Being a member of the media himself now, Dungy was forced to back-track a bit a day later in a semi-apology.

"What I was asked about was my philosophy of drafting, a philosophy that was developed over years, which was to minimize distractions for my teams," he said in a statement.  "I do not believe Michael's sexual orientation will be a distraction to his teammates or his organization.  I do, however, believe that the media attention that comes with it will be a distraction."

Well, that's exactly what happened.  

The truth is that Sam probably isn't good enough to play in the NFL.  He not big enough to play defensive end and not fast enough to play outside linebacker in the NFL.  But because the PC Police in the media have their cause, they will make it all about the sideshow and not about his actual (lack of) ability to play in the NFL.

I didn't see any other players smashing cake into their significant other's face during the draft.  No other draftees signed up for an Oprah reality show before realizing what a stupid idea that was.  But that's what Sam did and it just added fuel to the fire of an insatiable Liberal media looking to push their agenda.

The funny thing is that I predicted this even before he was drafted.  Common sense told you that Sam wouldn't be worth the distractions he caused for the team that drafted him.  He actually reminds me of Tim Tebow with regards to how both are completely overblown by the media.

Tebow and Sam are on completely different sides of the political spectrum when it comes to their supporters, but I support both of their lifestyle choices.  I'm not gay and I'm not out there preaching the word of God in every sentence, but it's fine with me if that is how they choose to live their lives.  This is still America, right?  Freedom and all that, right?  Well, maybe not if you ask the Liberal media, who only want people to say and think what is on their agenda.  If not, an apology is mandatory, right Tony?

Me?  I predict Sam will quickly fade away, just like Tebow did, because neither one has the talent to play in the NFL.  But before he does, Sam will create quite a distraction for the St. Louis Rams.  Or rather, the media will create the distraction, just like Tony Dungy said.

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