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Proof That Golf Isn't a Real Sport
Proof That Golf Isn't a Real Sport
Bob Whalon | 06/25/14 | 4:46 PM EDT 0 Comments
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I'm here to break the news to you that golf is not a sport.

I know all you weekend golfers consider yourself an athlete because you can ride around in a golf cart and swing a club a few times but if you think that golf is a real sport, I am here to prove you wrong.

Now, all you golf nuts out there shouldn't get your Tiger Woods undies all in a bunch.  If you think golf is an actual sport, then you must be used to being wrong all the time, so this shouldn't be anything new for you.

The proof I speak of is an 11 year-old girl named Lucy Li.  Who is Lucy Li, you ask?  Well she just happens to be the little girl who played in the U.S. Women's Open last weekend in Pinehurst, N.C.

That's right, an 11 year-old little girl competed in a professional "sport" and this time it wasn't even a stupid gimmick (Yeah, looking at you Michelle Wie).

No real sport would allow an 11 year-old girl to compete against adults.  Heck, no real sport is so incredibly lame that a child could even qualify to compete with the professionals.  And that's just what Little Lucy did.  She actually competed in the USGA sectional qualifier at Half Moon Bay in California and finished at even-par 142.

Imagine being a golfer who thinks you're good enough to compete in a professional tournament and you get beaten by an 11 year-old in pigtails.  That's gotta hurt.

Anyway, even the golfers themselves think this is a complete joke.

Stacey Lewis is the top-ranked golfer in the world (Yes, I had to look it up because apparently only her immediate family knows that) and she's not a happy camper.

"I'm not a fan of it," Lewis said.  "She qualified so we can't say anything about that.  You qualify for an Open, it's a great thing.  But I just like to see kids be successful at every level before they come out here."

So here we have the best female golfer in the world saying Little Lucy doesn't belong.  Calling her a "kid."  "The pigtails kind of caught me off guard," Lewis added.  I'm surprised Lewis didn't try to distract Little Lucy with a Barbie doll.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the aforementioned Wie added, "She looks so darn cute."

Yeah, that's exactly what they're going to say the first time Andrew Wiggins steps on an NBA court for the first time or Johnny Manziel takes his first official NFL snap in a game.  

The truth is that Lucy Li is closer to being in diapers than she is to being an actual adult.  The fact that she is competing in a tournament with professional golfers is a joke and it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that golf is not a real sport.

The young girl ended up missing the halfway cut after Friday's round of 78.

But what do you expect from a sport where the most famous player is known more for his 18 whores than any 18 holes he ever played.  Pathetic. 


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