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Bob Whalon | 05/12/14 | 9:47 PM EDT 0 Comments
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Apparently, it's OK to be different in the NFL, as long as everything thinks the same way.  Wait...what?

So the NFL is all about acceptance, until they're not.  The NFL is all about tolerance, until they're not.  The NFL is all about allowing people to express their true feelings, until they're not.

By now everyone on the planet has seen the video of the first openly gay player who was drafted by the NFL, Michael Sam, kissing and smearing cake in his boyfriend's face.  It was a landmark day for professional sports, but that doesn't mean everybody has to agree with it.  This is America, after all, isn't it?

Just as Michael Sam should be allowed to express his sexuality openly, others should be afforded the same opportunity to make disparaging remarks about Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano making a spectacle of themselves on national TV.  It's called Freedom of Speech and it should even protect idiots who say stupid things.

Yes, just because some people are narrow-minded Neanderthals who don't tolerate people who are different from them, I believe they still have a right to those opinions.  It makes it easier for those of us with a functioning brain to mock them openly in return, but I do believe everybody has the right to think what they want.

That brings us to the biggest hypocrisy surrounding the drafting of the NFL's first gay player.

Apparently, Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones tweeted "omg", right after ESPN showed Sam and his boyfriend making fools of themselves for the cameras.  Honestly, I had the same reaction as Jones, but for a different reason.  I just couldn't believe that Sam was making such a show of something that happened to 255 other players during the draft (Sam was the 249th pick by the St. Louis Rams), but none had the entire scenario choreographed, like he obviously did.  They were obviously playing to the ESPN cameras and it was a bit too much.

Where Jones went too far was when he was questioned about whether he was referring to the kiss and he tweeted, "horrible".

Again, that's his (misguided) opinion and he's entitled to it.  Well, not exactly.  You see, Jones has been fined and suspended by the Dolphins and the NFL for exercising his right as an American to have an opinion.

The Dolphins released a statement condemning what Jones tweeted and forced Jones to publicly apologize.  The kicker here is that the Dolphins were the organization that allowed that whole ugly Richie Incognito - Jonathan Martin thing fester.  Complete hypocrites.

Anyway, the PC Police once again have stepped in to tell us what we must think and I, for one, am not happy about it.

The first openly gay player made history by being drafted by a professional sports league.  That's a great thing for our society, but that doesn't mean everybody has to be happy about it.  Don Jones isn't the only one who did a "horrible" thing in this situation.  

"omg" NFL and Miami Dolphins.  "omg".

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