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"Not Black Enough" Isn't Racist?
"Not Black Enough" Isn't Racist?
Bob Whalon | 02/17/14 | 8:13 PM EST 0 Comments
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The investigation into the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal is complete and the Wells Report was released.  It's just too bad that the media won't report on the findings honestly.

I'm confused.....about racism.

Or more to the point, I'm confused about what is considered racism by the media and what isn't.

I understand that Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito is considered a racist for using the "N-Word", even though it's said about 1,000 times in every rap song.  Incognito is a bad guy, an idiot, a bully and most likely a racist at heart.  But I think other things said about Jonathan Martin are just as racist.

The media is making big deal about the Wells Report that was released on Friday.  Lawyer Ted Wells investigated the Dolphins Bullying Scandal and found that Martin was, indeed, on the wrong end of bullying at the hands of Incognito and his fellow offensive linemen.

But what the media seems to be ignoring is something that I feel should be considered just as racist and offensive as using the "N-word".  That would be the fact that Martin's fellow offensive linemen consider him to be " not black enough".

Martin is bi-racial, his parents are rich and went to Stanford, so that means he isn't "black enough"?  The Reverend Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave. 

I'm calling bullshit on the Liberal media on this one.  Why?  Because the two players who said Martin wasn't "black enough", Mike Pouncey and Jerry Wells, are also black.  No wait, they are apparently blacker than Martin in their eyes.

Incognito was suspended in November and various news outlets are calling for him to be banned from playing in the NFL for at least a year.  Those same media outlets aren't calling for Pouncy and Wells to be suspended and that is a double standard.  One could even say that's a racist double standard.

That doesn't seem right to me.  Unfortunately, I seem to be alone in that point of view because the rest of the media is afraid to go there.

If you're going to call racism, at least have the common decency to not be color-blind.  Racism is an ugly thing, whether it's black or white.  Let's try being honest about that, OK? 


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