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Gay Pride Coming to the NFL
Gay Pride Coming to the NFL
Bob Whalon | 02/10/14 | 9:03 PM EST 0 Comments
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I don't understand what the big deal is about an openly gay player joining the NFL.   If Michael Sam is good, he'll be accepted.  If he stinks, he'll become Tim Tebow.

An openly gay player in the National Football League?  Yawn.

Isn't being gay widely accepted these days?  It's 2014, not 1964, right?  Anyway, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam decided to announce to the world that he is gay.  

While that might be news to some, it wasn't to his coaches and teammates at Missouri, who Sam told about his sexual orientation before last season.  Apparently that didn't have an effect on their season, since the team won 12 games and Sam was named the SEC defensive player of the year with 11 1/2 sacks last season.  

Sam's problem trying to transition to the NFL won't be the fact that he's gay, it will be the fact that he's undersized for an NFL DE and didn't fare well at the Senior Bowl at outside linebacker.  He was projected as a mid-round pick before the announcement and you have to wonder if teams will want to take on the unnecessary distractions that Sam will present with his new team.
It's not like Sam is projected to be a star in the NFL.  You might have noticed that NFL teams tolerate more distractions form their star players.  A player of Sam's talent level might not be worth it.  

That isn't just a gay thing either.  Ask yourself why Tim Tebow isn't on an NFL roster.  He won a playoff game a couple of years ago and now he can't get on roster.  Why?  Well first of all Tebow isn't very good and second of all he's a huge distraction.  The distraction matters to billion dollar NFL teams more than what cause it.  That's just a fact of life.  

I applaud Michael Sam for being himself and being brave enough to announce it to the world.  NFL teams were going to find out eventually, since Sam wasn't exactly hiding it, but it was nice of him to get that out of the way before the Combine.  Some teams might take him off their draft board, but something tells me that number will be very small.

Michael Sam is gay.  I say, 'So what.'

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