Prop Betting Results for Super Bowl
Nolan Thomas | 02/05/14 | 2:38 PM EST 0 Comments
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What would you bet on?

The Super Bowl is one of the most bet on game every year and besides normal betting such as which team will win or beat the spread there are numerous prop bets ranging anything from the coin toss to whether or not Bruno Mars would wear a hat during his halftime performance.
If you are a betting person and like long shots, then prop betting on a Super Bowl can be a fun way to throw your money away unless of course your bet actually comes in and you collect a big pay day because of the big odds. One third of all the bets placed on the Super Bowl this year were on prop bets. Check your lines at
Here are some of the games more interesting and unusual prop bets in this year’s big game and what they paid out if you in fact you had the balls to bet on them in the first place.
The first one I have to mention was the first play from scrimmage of the game. There were actually two bets that could have paid out on this one, the first play from scrimmage being a safety and the first score of the game being a safety.
Both of these bets paid between 40-1 and 60-1 depending on which Sportsbook you placed the bet with. The Sportsbooks lost big time on this prop bet.
The Denver Broncos scoring only 8 points in the game paid 225-1 although I doubt anyone actually took this bet after the team led the NFL in scoring this season.
The Seattle Seahawks winning by between 34 and 38 points paid 100 to 1.
After last season's black out at the Super Bowl, the odds were 25-1 that it would happen again, it didn’t.
Being that this year’s game had teams from the only two states in the country with legal recreational marijuana, odds were 11-to-2 that the announcers would say the word "marijuana" during the game. They did not.
And last but not least, the highest odd bet that I found that was being offered was if either team scored only a safety in the game. The odds were 2500-1. With those odds I would have dropped a twenty just for the hell of it.  

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