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Super Bowl XLVIII Stats and Stuff Part IV - The Party
Super Bowl XLVIII Stats and Stuff Part IV - The Party
Bob Whalon | 01/31/14 | 11:08 PM EST 0 Comments
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Even though the Super Bowl is being played in the swamplands of New Jersey, all the cool parties are in New York City this week.  So of course, that's where I was on Wednesday night.

I was lucky enough to attend a Super Bowl party in New York City last night hosted by Jay Glazer of Fox Sports.  Playerpress.com was one of the sponsors and management was nice (dumb?) enough to invite me.  Thanks John.

I didn't get to interview the athletes, but I was right up front, as you can see from the pictures.

I wasn't able to talk to Glazer until the end of the night (after 2 am) and when I did I got a look that said, "Hey dude, do you see how ridiculously hot this chick is on my arm".  Too bad, because I wanted to ask him why he and all the other network guys kiss Andy Reid's fat ass and don't realize that he is the worst game-day coach in the history of the NFL. 

Ex-Giant Tiki Barber was there.  I ran into Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett (Dude is massive).  But I somehow missed Eagles QB Nick Foles., who was in attendance according to NFL.com.  And I also ran into Michael Irvin.   Irvin was in a big group, but I made my way over anyway and said, "Hi Michael, I'm an Eagles fan."  He just laughed and said, "Oh no" as he turned around to get away from me.  I considered my duty as an Eagles fan complete on that one, so I left him alone before he called for security.

But I think the highlight of my night was when my cousin Matt and I got to hang out with Peyton Manning......................'s stung double.

Yes, you read that right.  Apparently there is a guy out there who has "Peyton Manning's stunt double" on his IMBD resume.  Nice guy, too.  We hung out a bit early and then again at the end of the night.  He just didn't look very much like Peyton.  I guess he wears a helmet a lot in the commercials.

Anyway, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any sports fan and I was happy to be there representing Playerpress.com.  I'm just not so sure I'll get invited back next time.  Oh well.  



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