WC 2014 Countdown - No plane for England and Germany build their own accomodations
Federico Farcomeni | 12/18/13 | 11:38 AM EST 0 Comments
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As on-going preparations for next summer World Cup continue, England and Germany are getting ready in their own way.

The news is that British Airways won’t be carrying Roy Hodgson’s men to Brazil. The English FA and BA reached a stalemate after a year of negotiations. The aircraft company has eventually withdrawn because it was allegedly unable to cover $16m cost. That’s what it would cost them to take a plane out of service, dedicate it to England, tear up the timetable and dedicate crews for the duration of the tournament.

A spokesman for BA said: "We have not refused to carry the England team. Regrettably, we could not reach agreement with the FA because we will not have a spare aircraft available for the length of time the FA wanted during the busy summer period next year. This was not a question of a single flight or a simple return. We wish the team the best of luck and look forward to flying thousands of fans to the World Cup."

Insiders could reveal to The Sun newspaper that BA thought all this wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Especially because "in return BA gets no more than a photo of the back of a plane in a few newspapers. In brutal terms it just doesn't make sense."

BA last flew the England team to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but English players travelled with Virgin Atlantic to South Africa in 2010. As things stand, next summer they’ll have to use internal flights to travel between venues.

Meanwhile, Germany’s soccer team are having their own accommodations built for the World Cup. According to a report in German tabloid Bild, a beachside 15,000 square foot resort called ‘Campo Bahia’ is to be assembled in Santo André in the state of Bahia thanks to Munich-based Christian Hirmer. The complex includes 14 houses, pool spa facilities with the team’s football pitch and the press media center less than a mile away. The airport is just 45 minutes away and should serve Germany well when they travel to Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife for their group games.

Bearing in mind the size of the country and the considerable distances between each tournament venue, it was important for us to minimize the strain of travelling to and from matches as much as possible,” team manager Oliver Bierhoff said in a statement on the German Football Association's website. “Acclimatization and recovery will also play a major role at this World Cup, and our camp offers ideal conditions in these respects.


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