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Donovan McNabb Isn't a Bully, He's a Douchebag
Donovan McNabb Isn't a Bully, He's a Douchebag
Bob Whalon | 11/22/13 | 2:57 PM EST 0 Comments
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Nobody hates Donovan McNabb more than I do, but ex-Eagle Shawn Andrews is wrong about him being a bully.

Ex-Philadelphia Eagles lineman Shawn Andrews recently accused former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb of being a bully.  First of all, Shawn Andrews is crazy (See video below.)  Secondly, as a life-long Eagles fan I can tell you with 100% certainty that McNabb isn't a bully.  He's just a complete Douchebag.

Andrews said that, "I just felt that there was a negative energy from the first time I met [McNabb]."  You're not alone Shawn, but that doesn't make him a bully.  "I was treated like shit," Andrews continued.  He said McNabb rolled his eyes when Andrews revealed to the team that he was receiving treatment for depression.  OK, McNabb was the master of the goofy faces.  But the most damning thing Andrews revealed was he believes McNabb spread a rumor that Andrews was gay.  

McNabb's passive-aggressive act wore thin quickly, as he never took the blame for anything.  He regularly threw teammates under the bus, constantly played the martyr, never let anyone forget a couple drunks booed him at the draft and wouldn't run, because he didn't want to be labeled a running quarterback.  He was a socially-awkward momma's boy, who mistakenly thought he was funny.

"Donovan was very playful, joking individual," former teammate Jeff Garcia said.  "He always seemed to be goofing around in the locker room.  He even took it too far at times, goofing around on the field during actual games."

Yep, that sums up what a Douchebag McNabb was as a player and still is as a commentator.

"My name is a lightning rod anytime it's mentioned," McNabb said.

No Donnie, it's not.  You made everything about you because you're such an insecure Douchebag.  This came up because of the huge scandal going on in Miami with Richie Incognito.  Shawn Andrews brought your name up because you were the quarterback of his team from 2004-2010.  Unfortunately for Andrews, McNabb was never a leader.  The fact that he didn't have the support of the locker room during the whole T.O. debacle in 2005 proves that.

So no, Donovan McNabb isn't a bully.  He's just a pathetic, attention-starved, passive-aggressive Douchebag.

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